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We are Uninsured and Damaged House Buyers In Christchurch
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Moving forward today with your earthquake-damaged property…

Uninsured damage house ChristchurchThe devastating Canterbury Earthquake in February 2011 has changed many people’s lives forever. Many property owners especially out in the eastern suburbs have suffered a total-loss damage to their dwelling and land beyond repair.

The team at can provide you with a fast and easy solution for selling your damaged and uninsured home.

We are OK with broken Damaged houses, We Buy:

  • Uninsured
  • Uninhabitable
  • Major Earthquake Damage
  • We Can Pay Near Land value
  • Houses on TC3, TC2 or TC1 Zoned Land.
  • We Even Buy If You Have An Outstanding Land Claim With EQC

When submitting the Sellers form please provide the following information:

Damaged Home Chch

  • Is the house habitable?
  • Is the house currently insured and with who?
  • Did you submit a claim to EQC or your Insurance company?
  • Do you have a finalised Scope of work for the property?
  • Was your claim settled or repairs made by Fletcher EQC?
  • Did you opt-out from Fletcher EQC?
  • Did you receive a payout?
  • TC of the land? (Technical Category TC1, TC2, TC3)
  • Any Land repair claim submitted or outstanding?

Testimonial: We found selling a TC3 home was a bit daunting. After quite a few phone calls to people that say they buy homes, and with no response from any people.

I found One email and response was almost instant. All communication was very good. Selling TC3 home was a pleasure through Hadar Orkibi. Also to finish of, Found that we saved quite a lot of money also without using a real-estate agent. If people are thinking of selling I would recommend Hadar Orkibi who works for we buy property. Thank you Andrew H. Christchurch, N.Z.

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