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We Are Private House Buyers: If your property suits our buying criteria, As cash house buyers we offer you:

Option 1:

  • Quick House Sell – Fair Offer.
  • NO Commission, NO Marketing Cost, No Hassle, No Open Homes.
  •  Sell Your House As-Is, No Repair Needed.
  • Stay To Rent Back or leave when you are ready and we can provide flexible terms.

Option 2:

We have a Data base of buyers who are waiting on houses today in almost every price range. So, whether you are getting ready to sell your current house or investment property and move on towards your dream home, or circumstances have left you in need of some help to quickly sell your property – we can help make your real estate desires into reality. If you are considering selling your property anywhere in N.Z please click on Get An OFFER Within 7h* and fill in the assessment form with NO obligation. If you require a fast property sale with quick settlement we can give you an offer to purchase within 7 hours*.

We Can Provide a Solution if you are:

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Get An Offer Within 7h* No Obligation

About WeBuyProperty.co.nz

Are you looking to sell your house quickly with no hassle? Are you relocating and have no idea on how to sell your house fast and at fair price? This is the type of business we are in; we buy houses within hours of talking to us because we understand the urgency. If you are in need of quick cash, why don’t you try the services of a team that have been doing this for a long time? We have helped many families sell their properties within a short time and they are happy. We do not charge commission or marketing fees and we do not require you to pay us for our services. If it’s too good to be true, consider the fact that we even allow you, the seller to continue living in that house as a tenant. What is even more enticing is that fact that when you feel ready you can move out at your own time, we will always consider offering you flexible terms. Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn and what homeowners need is for someone who can offer them value for their money and be flexible to their changing capabilities. A mortgage is a good idea when you have a stable source of income but it becomes a bitter pill to swallow when you have no money to service the loan. For a bank, there is no other way than to pay up what you owe them and that is where most people find it hard. What if you had a house buyer who was ready to give you cash for the house? You will be able you repay what you owe the bank and wait for a time when you get back on your feet to try another mortgage facility. This is the true meaning of financial security because you will not have to go through the humiliation of notices and loan recalls or even bankruptcy. The irony of life is that while there are hundreds of people unable to pay their mortgages for one reason or the other, house buyers are on the waiting list for houses in different price ranges. You can be sure therefor that if you decide to sell your house to us, there is a ready buyer to take ownership. We understand that the uncertainty of home ownership and we try to eliminate that by offering quick solutions. We have bought properties in every corner of New Zealand and we are not going to stop. Without any obligation on your part, approach us if you are faced with some of these common problems;

Facing a Mortgagee Sale

When the bank decides to sell your house to recover the amount of money they loaned you to buy a house, you have an option to either sit back and let them handle the process their way or jump in with your own “sell my house fast” solutions. At WeBuyProperty.co.nz, we will offer you an offer to buy your house within 48 hours of making contact with us. There is no need to lose more money by allowing the bank to auction the house for a price that is way below the market value. On the other hand, dealing with us guarantees a fair price for your property and the deposit and equity already contributed does not get lost.

Lagging In mortgage Payments

Postponing mortgage payment installments can put you in a situation where the amount of money the bank owes you is too much to pay in lump sum. For every month that you fail to pay an installment with the bank, the interest charged on that credit facility goes up. We help you to put a halt on the credit status by paying your arrears and then we can get into an arrangement on how you will pay us. This will save you from getting bank warnings and the status of your credit report with be maintained.

Over Committed

Do you feel that you have too much to handle yet too little resources to cover everything? Financial struggles are common but if you find yourself in a situation where you have priority bills and payments to pay, then you need help. We will help you to pay your mortgage installments so that you do not fall back on them. Just let us know for how long you need us to handle that function for you and we will draw up a flexible arrangement for you.

Divorce Or Marriage Split Of Property Situation

Divorce and separation disputes are often drastic and none of the involved parties is willing to wait. How else do you split a house in half without having to live under the same roof for any longer? Giving you a cash exchange of the value of the house gives many homeowners settling divorce disputes a quick closure to the matter. Quick house sell is a solution that we offer our clients in such situations without having to undergo anymore hassle.

Tired of being a landlord, escaping bad tenants or vacant house

Are you tired of being a landlord because it has been a tough experience dealing with non-compliant tenants and unstable income? Under ideal conditions, being a landlord is the best kind of business because with minimal recurrent input, you are guaranteed of a consistent amount of rental income at the end of the month. The reality is sometime unbearable especially when this income is expected to cater for other life expenses. We will give you cash for your house to take the burden of uncertainty off your back and you can find other projects to rely on. No commission house sell is one of our policies so don’t be worried about getting less than you bargained for.

Job Transfer

Having been in operation in New Zealand for years, we have come across many families wishing to relocate because of new job opportunities. Sometimes the option of renting out your home is best if you anticipate coming back in a few years or if you are moving with the region. The situation is different when you have landed your dream job and your children will be starting school in the new location. With the excitement of moving to a new place and starting life afresh, the burden of dealing with real estate agents and open homes can be overwhelming. We will offer you a good bargain and make the process as fast as possible. Imagine having cash for your house within 48 hours of expressing your intention to sell it. Auckland house buyers are on standby all the time in wait for houses like yours.

Are you selling vacant residential land or section of it?

Land development can be a hustle especially if you have extra land that you want to dispose. We arrange for quick sale of such properties and make the funds available to you immediately. Development projects require a lot of capital to take off the ground and we understand that not everyone can access bulk financing. Majority of land lies unutilized in residential areas for lack of financing and we wish to change this by funding at and stage of development or becoming a Joint Venture partner. Our assessors will visit your site to establish if your property falls within our criteria. You as the property owner will not be asked to fund any stage of the sale neither will we ask you for a commission from the amount of money you get.

Selling A Probate Estate Sell

Inheritance property in most cases is owned by more than one person. To avoid future disputes, most families prefer that the estate is sold and the proceeds shared amongst the heirs. Provided that the executor of the will has the legal approval from the court to oversee the division of property, then we will provide an easy and quick solution for converting property into cash in any part of New Zealand. Estates held in probate attract numerous charges in the different levels of execution but not in sales carried out by us. There is whatsoever no obligation and what you get as a value of property reaches the owners in its entirety.

Client Testimonials

  • Over the past 8 years we have tried to fight EQC and insurance after the Christchurch Earthquakes it has not been an easy road for us our family has faced many devastating challenges in which we could no longer stand strong so with a heavy heart we made the decision to sell our home of 33 years you guys have been a huge support in doing this making things happen quickly and without your support an help it would not of been possible we thank you so much and would recommend you all as great easy people to deal with we can now close this chapter of our life an move onto a new chapter.

    – Sharon and Tony price –

  • We sold our property as an “as is” to We Buy Property in July 2019. I can highly recommend Hadar and his team for the following reasons; – They paid a good market price for our house, – Excellent communication throughout, – Hadar made a realistic offer on his first visit, – No agency or any unexpected fees, – Was the easiest and most stress free property sale we have ever made!

    – Steve Geddes –

  • We lived in the house for over 37 years, having to sell the family home is very difficult at best of times. Thanks to the Property Buyers Auckland team selling our house was stress and hassle free, which is exactly what we wanted. I submitted my information concerning the house online on a Tuesday night. By the next afternoon Hadar called me and made an appointment for the following day. By Friday I had an acceptable offer, a contract and a deposit. We couldn’t be happier with the price we received and the saving of $25,000 on commission and marketing alone. Great experience to deal with & highly recommended.

    – Allyson Mair –

Uninsured Damaged Houses

What do you do when your house has been damaged by an earthquake? You cannot live in it and you cannot find a buyer to buy it in its current condition. While an earthquake has the potential to change your life forever in the negative, we turn the fortunes around for you by giving a damaged house some value. We understand that the cost of insurance can be costly and earthquakes are an act of Nature that is why their effects are so ravaging. Our team at WeBuyProperty.co.nz provides you with a quick and simple solution for selling your damaged, uninsured house. There is no level of damage that we do not consider.

The Process Of Selling Your House Privately

At WeBuyProperty.co.nz, we are making use of the availability of the internet to provide a hassle free selling experience for home owners. There is no longer any need for brokers and open homes because all this has been taken care of by the convenience of professional and prompt service. We are experienced private property buyers specialising in private house sales thereby eliminating the need for commissions and fees. There are many reasons for wanting to private house sell property and we are here to embrace them all. The process of selling your house is faster than you think.

After contacting us with this Sell My House Form, our acquisition team will take time to review the information you have provided to us and contact you within 7* hours. This stage will be for making clarifications and also schedule time to view the property. It is only after we have been to the site of your property that we will make an offer for you to think through. Deposit of the cost agreed for the property will be made immediately when you consent to the terms of the offer.

Empathy is one of our core values and when you entrust us to sell your house or property you will witness it firsthand. We respond to correspondence from potential clients with urgency because we understand how daunting the process of a home sale can be. We then handle the sale as if it were our own private property. If you consider the near market value and no obligation policy then doing business with us beats hiring the services of a real estate agency.

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