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I Want To Sell My House Quickly! Was Jun’s First Word.

Case Study – Jun’s Testimony: Just like any other New Zealand house seller, Jun was queasy about facing the daunting real estate market. She was determined to pursue all means and measures to be able to sell house fast and move to a new neighborhood. They recently sold their house to Hadar through webuyproperty.co.nz.

With all the advancement in technology and management the real estate market still provides a challenge to someone who is not well versed with its dynamics and key players. That is why June and her family turned to online platforms to seek a reliable buyer with the simplest processes. Given his experience and time in the field Hadar would definitely pop up as one of the prospective private house buyers when searching for “We Buy Houses” or Private House Sell”.

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Webuyproperty.co.nz has been in the market for over a decade. During that time they have seen booms and recession as well as gluts. They have also been among the premier private house sales companies in New Zealand who deal with thousands of buyers annually. That is why it was easy for Jun to locate them online and make a request.


Hadar’s professional policy has always been to get back to potential clients as soon as possible so as to initiate negotiations if possible. This comes in handy considering some clients like Jun who do not have a lot of time for negotiation. Sometime all they have is 48 hours between this transaction and new house deal ahead of them.

Jun’s found webuyproeprty.co.nz to be a breath of fresh air given the number of crooks and dishonest individuals in the industry. Hadar and his team have always strived for professionalism, respect and robust friendships with such clients. It is on the bedrock of trust build out of this friendship that Jun was able to seal the deal in a short period of time.

For people like Jun sometimes you need to sell the property in a matter of days to take advantage of a market opportunity. The search for agents and the three way negotiations between you, the agent and the potential buyer could prove to be a time waster and costly.

This turnaround is one of the reason private house sell is very popular and reliable for most sellers in the New Zealand. The use of agents can leave your house lying vacant for months or even years while deteriorating. Jun made her quick cash and secured the second home for which she had been given an offer.

Webuyproperty.co.nz has been in the market for over a decade providing sellers like Jun an opportunity to offload a property with as fewer processes as possible. It not any wonder that Jun found Hadar and his team to be very helpful and knowledgeable about the markets and private house sell.

Using agents will make you incur extra charges for agent commission and marketing charges unlike private house sell. For Jun finding someone in the private house sell market division who is reliable and excellent was an important and commendable feat.

Building Loyalty

Jun has become a diehard fan of Hadar and webuyproeprty.co.nz and she would definitely consider their services in the future. Such a name and reputation don’t come easy. The Webuyproperty.co.nz team conducted the house appraisal within a matter of hours and made an offer to Jun within 24 hours. Rarely would Jun get such a deal from an agent or the open market.

Webuyproperty.co.nz are the future of real estate purchases with their simplicity, technology, easy property valuation and appraisal. Also working with Hadar the team is always able to customize an offer to suit the nature of the sale. The team has handled residential property, commercial premises, apartments and single units. This means they have the capacity to formulate a solution for homes that have pending mortgagee sale, major repairs, probate or estate sale, declining values, quick sales, etc.

For Jun, the speed, simplicity, professionalism and confidentiality with which they conducted the transaction impressed her immensely. As long as people need to make quick sells and the available agents remain picky with what they will sell Hadar and the team will always remain the go-to people.

webyproperty.co.nz pays in cash directly which makes it easy to boost your cash flows pretty quickly. They also give you the offer to rent the home after you have sold the unit to them. This frees you up to adjust your life if the sell arose out of a financial emergency.

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