Zero Real Estate Fees

Zero Real Estate Fees: Save the Smart Way on Property Sales

A good number of property owners figure selling their houses privately in the hope of saving on commission and marketing fees. However, that means the property owners don’t enjoy the benefits of working with professionals with working knowledge of buying and selling properties. At the same time, while some of the services offered by realtors can be done away with, there are no alternatives for lawyers to make the agreement legally binding. Zero Real Estate Fees is a great option.

The option for zero real estate fees might sound appealing, and to a certain extent it is achievable. However, it is not the easiest thing to do. When dealing with private house sales, there are several services you should consider before going the No Commission House sale.

Realtors have always charged real estate fees, and at times property owners question the seemingly exorbitant fees they charge. The only solution for such property owners is to do away with realtor services.

However, realtors have a different opinion here. They argue that property owners sometimes lack the negotiation skills to close a deal in their favor. Realtors also point out that they do a lot more than negotiating on the price. They offer a lot of other different services on the side, something that property owners should think about.

While the debate about whether you should hire a real estate agent is entirely up to you, there are lots of benefits that come with working with one. For instance, you get someone on your team who’s well knowledgeable in the property market. You also work with a person who brings a lot more to the table than mere bargaining skills. Realtors wear a lot of different hats including complete listings of properties you might be interested in, legal advice, and of course lots of interested buyers, if you are looking to sell your house.

Here’s a brief run-down of some of the different things a realtor will do for you:


There are lots of channels you can use to advertise your house. Just Google for sell my house tips and you’ll get lots of ideas on where you should list your property. However, just because someone suggests using a channel doesn’t make it suitable for your purposes. Online real estate agencies are your best bet at putting your property in front of millions of eye balls. They have a database of active property buyers meaning your chances of selling the property are better when you work with a realtor.

Legal Issues

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome in private house sales is meeting all the legal requirements. It’s pretty hard to sell your house without the assistance of a lawyer. In fact, since you have to work with a lawyer, who’ll in turn demand fees, you’ll be spending on legal fees, even if you avoid real estate agents.

The Alternative, Hassle Free Way For Selling A House

Selling a house using professional and private House Buyers, you get to kill two birds with one stone. Your Lawyer can review the contract and protect you from any potential issue, while you save on Commission and Marketing fees by not using a Real Estate Agent. Contact the Best Home Buyers team now and you’ll be free of all the stresses that come with the sale of property.

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