Best Time to Sell a House in Auckland

What’s the Best Time to Sell a House in Auckland?

When it comes to selling a house, timing is crucial. It pays to sell in a sellers’ market — when you can fetch top dollar for your property. Which begs the question: when is the best time to sell a house in Auckland?

You’ve probably heard that spring is an absolute no-brainer, while others champion for a summer house sale. On the contrary, Auckland is a year-round market, which means the best opportunities to sell a house are not just concentrated in spring and summer.

Don’t forget that a house sale is a complex process. As such, the best time to sell depends on a plethora of factors, including economic developments in your zone, interest rates, lending climate, and local government policies. All these factors can have an impact on the buyer market, as well as opportunities for you as a seller.

In short, every season is great for selling but you need to make your house appealing to the buyers. Let’s break it down.


When does your house look its best? The chances are your answer is spring and with good reason.

This is the season when everything springs back to life. The sun’s out, the weather is amazing, and your garden is blooming & buzzing with life. Likewise, agents, buyers and sellers are out there trying to make the best of the spring sales season.

Generally, warm months translate to more house sales and better prices. However, every seller wants to sell in spring, and every buyer desires a good purchase. In a nutshell, spring can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, there are many buyers looking. And, on the other hand, the market is flooded with listings. The only trick is to make your house pop above the rest:

  • Spruce up your house with bright colours to go well with the season. Yellow flows, bright drapes, and decorative cushions can do the trick.
  • Improve curb appeal – Power-wash the pavement, re-stain your deck, paint the fence, etc.
  • Get rid of mildew and mould
  • Make sure your windows, kitchen and other focus areas look their best.


It’s still bright and warm outside in the summer, which is perfect weather for house buyers. Like spring, the summer market is flooded with inventory. Nonetheless, this is the best time to sell a house in Auckland if:

  • You have got a beachfront property
  • You’ve got a south-facing house
  • Your home is shaded by plenty of trees, has an outdoor pool or other summer-friendly amenities

If you want to boost your chances of success, ensure to hold house opens when the living room is receiving plenty of sunlight. Each additional hour of sunlight can increase the house price by a whopping 2.4%.


In autumn, everywhere is filled with vibrant colours and everyone is in a jovial mood. If the weather is in your favour, this can be a fantastic time to sell a house in Auckland. This is especially true if your house is located in a property or street lined by trees.

A few tips to improve your success rate include:

  • Switch on the lights when you’re showing your house
  • Craft an autumn-friendly curb appeal – set your garden with plants that bloom at this time
  • Get rid of debris, dead leaves and anything that can ruin the beauty of your property


Winter is generally a slow market. However, if your house has west-facing windows, this could be a perfect time to snag a big sale. The same goes for houses with lovely and welcoming fireplace. Make sure that fire is cracking during showings.

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