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House Buyers Company

Looking To Sell Your House Privately? Here you can find how private house sell works. We Are Private House Buyers – Not Real Estate Agents.

Benefits of selling your house privately to

  • No Commission House Sell:

    Save thousands of dollars on commission and marketing fees.

    “When Allyson Mair met the WeBuyProperty Team it was an opportunity to bypass the marketing costs and the agent’s fees which is usually 4% of the cost of the home.”                                                                                              “It cannot be overemphasise how saving the $25000 or 4% helps sellers to reinvest that money into other family needs. Property Buyers New Zealand will always be the first stop for anyone who wants to sell their home in the future.”

  • No Open Homes & No Hassle:

    With us you are not going to have the hassle of tiding up your house every weekend or leave the house for few hours every time someone wants to have a look through. We love messy houses and anyway we only need to view once or twice before we can make you a cash offer. has been in the market for over a decade providing sellers like Jun an opportunity to offload a property with as fewer processes as possible. It not any wonder that Jun found Hadar and his team to be very helpful and knowledgeable about the markets and private house sell.”

    “For Jun, the speed, simplicity, professionalism and confidentiality with which they conducted the transaction impressed her immensely. As long as people need to make quick sells and the available agents remain picky with what they will sell Hadar and the team will always remain the go-to people.”

  • Flexible Terms:

    Fast Sell Or Longer Take Over Date, we can accommodate you needs according to your circumstances. leave when you are ready or rent back.*

    “A recent client had lived and worked in Australia for about a year when an opportunity to assist their children with a business opportunity showed up.”

    Meeting A Need To be able to finance their kids they decided to sell their Auckland home, owing to the fact that they no longer reside in New Zealand. They also didn’t want to spend lots of time trying to deal with real estate agents and marketing plans.”

    “Through a private sale they were able to put into the market a house that went pretty quickly… They also were able to take advantage of the small window of opportunity to sell the house and provide their kids with the capital.”

  • Sell your house As-is Where-is, No Repairs Needed::

    We buy houses at any condition so you don’t have to fix anything up. Save the money and hassle and leave it to us to deal with. We Love ugly houses or broken houses. we enjoy the challenge of repairing houses and the opportunity to add value to the property.

    “Being the owner of the house, you will always have the urge to do more to your house. The money you might have set aside to do repairs might not be enough to complete the project.”

    “You might think that repairing your earthquake damaged home is easy and might take just a few days. This notion might make you decide to live in the house as the repairs are done. This will not be an easy thing as you will have to move almost all your belongings and family into one area to allow repairs to be done on the rest of the house. “

  • Mortgagee Sale Rescue – How to stop a mortgagee sale:

    If you are over committed, behind payments and the bank has given you a letter of Demand or default notice and you are unable to refinance your debt, we can help! As cash buyers we can act quickly and take the stress away within few days. Provided your property meet our buying criteria we will provide you with a fair offer to purchase your house with fast settlement so you can stop accumulating more debt, penalty fees and bad credit record. The Sooner you contact us the better so don’t delay. We can help you to avoid mortgagee sale.

    “Imagine being halfway through repaying your mortgage and then you lose your job? If you did not have some money stashed away for emergencies such as these, then you are more or less doomed. Not quite!”

    “Do you feel that your current lender is too insensitive to your situation? Are the terms of servicing a mortgage in another bank more appealing than what you have now? Then ask your lawyer the process involved in credit transfer.”

    Or Contact the Team to see how we can help.

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