Selling a House Near Christmas

10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling a House near Christmas Time

Let’s face it; the period before, during, and right after Christmas is the worst time to sell your home. It’s what the folks in the real estate world call the off-season. While Selling a House near Christmas time may sound stressful, it does have its upsides.

Why Sell My House at Christmas Time?

The chances are that you can’t wait until peak season to sell your home. You want it off the market, and you want it sooner than later. Thankfully, the time around the holiday season has its moments when it comes to selling a house:

(1) House buyers are often more serious during Christmas time. For one, there are fewer “window shoppers” out there. In other words, the house buyers who are interested in your home during the holiday season are highly likely to buy it.

(2) You have less competition: most sellers aren’t willing to put their houses for sale during this period, leaving most house buyers at your disposal.

Even still, selling a house near Christmas period can prove to be a daunting task. For starters, most house buyers, especially first-timers, can think that you’re desperate. Oftentimes that means they’ll try every trick on the book to negotiate the price down.

Well, don’t let lowball offers cower you. Here are 10 best-kept tricks and tips you can use to sell your house at Christmas time fast and get top-dollar for it.

10 Tips for Selling Your House at Christmas Time

#1. Spruce up Your Home’s Best Features

Every house has its selling points — the bells & whistles, features, and rooms that seem to stand out. You need to make these features even more eye-catching during house showings and open houses.

If your house has a modern Island kitchen, for instance, have some savoury delicacies baking in the oven. Make sure that nothing comes in the way of your snazzy, stainless steel appliances, magnificent cabinetry, and the granite countertops. They should be spotlessly clean, and the whole kitchen should smell heavenly.

Also, never underestimate the value and power of good lighting. If your house has a classic fireplace, get it crackling. Great lighting and drapes can add a touch of elegance, style, and dazzle to your house.

#2. Set the Price Just Right

They say the best-selling points in the property market are location, location, and location. What they don’t tell you, however, is that you can’t change the location once you buy the house. So your next bet is to price the house to sell.

Overpricing your house, for instance, can dramatically reduce offers you will receive as if selling a house at Christmas is not hard enough. Setting the price too low, on the other hand, might actually put off quality house buyers.

Instead, do a little research and get familiar with home prices in your neighbourhood. Check out what similar sellers are offering – and your best shot is to undercut them. This is the best way to attract serious house buyers and close the deal faster.

#3. Clear the Clutter

Ensure that the house is in its best state. Clear out all the dishes from the sink, unclutter the bathrooms, and stay on top of the vacuuming. The bottom-line is to paint your home in good light. Potential house buyers should get the impression that your home is elegant and well taken care of. They want to feel at home as soon as they step inside your house.

#4. Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your House

How to sell my house fast and for big money over the holiday season? The secret is simple: enhance your house’s curb appeal, and you’ll be surprised by the number of offers you will receive. Does your mailbox need an upgrade? Give the front door a fresh coat of paint, plant blooming flowers or add a stylish fence; a few updates here and there will wonders for the first impression of your home.

#5. Share Information about Your Neighbourhood Lifestyle and Amenities

In your listing photos, feature not only your staged house in itse best state but also major attractions in the neighbourhood and community at large. Here, think of those quaint coffee shops, nearby schools, shopping centres, local parks, recreation hubs, and so on.

#6. De-Personalize Your House

Remove some of the family photos, memorabilia, and so on. The house should be in a move-in ready state for house buyers to feel at home.

#7. Do Some Repairs and Renovations

You want your house on sale to look its best. That’s why you need to do a few repairs or a full renovation. One thing you should note, however, is that big upgrades do cost a lot of money. If you think you will not recoup the money from the sale, you are better off selling the house as is.

#8. Clear Your Schedule

Your schedule is probably hectic during the holidays. You have to do holiday shopping, decorate, visit relatives, and entertain guests. Even so, you have to be accessible to potential house buyers. Clear your schedule so that you can be available whenever they want to tour the house.

#9. Minimize Christmas Decorations

Not all house buyers are into Christmas decorations and religious hub hub. To avoid putting off some house buyers, keep the Christmas lighting and decoration easy and simple.

#10. Sell Directly to Private Buyers or Property Investors

Why go through all the hoops when you can sell directly to a private investment company? When it comes to selling your house at Christmas, and you want to sell it fast, look no further We are private house buyers purchasing all types of houses in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch New Zealand.

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