Private House Sale In Auckland – Get It Right

Your Top Guide To Private House Sale Auckland

Putting your house on private sale without the help of an agent is a big decision you should get right. Sometimes, things can go wrong and the blames falls all on you. Thus, the need for thorough checks before you makes this all but important decision. Here we cover points to consider when seeking Private House Sale Auckland.

Before you make such a decision, weigh the pros and cons of selling your house by yourself. Selling your house privately gives you enough control over the process. With this option, you can negotiate and meet with prospective buyers one-on-one. In fact, you won’t have to pay agent fee or commission. Thus, you save on marketing fee and other third-party expenses. In comparison, estate agents have the right skills and experience to sell your house. They clearly understand the market and expected prices. Hence, this is a crucial decision that requires utmost care and level-mindedness.

 Guides To Private House Sale Auckland

  1. Decide you want to sell and get ready to sell

The first most important decision you have to make is how you want to sell your house. So, decide if you want to sell your house privately. If yes, you need to prepare your house.

  1. Prepare your house

This is an important step that you should not take for granted. Doing this with utmost care is a major factor in how fast you can sell your house to a potential buyer. The truth is; a dirty and unkempt house is a big turn off for most buyers. So, there is the need to prepare your house for sale. You can either do this yourself, with family or use professional cleaners.

To prepare your house for private sale, you may want to consider doing some minor repairs and changes. These repairs and changes will make your house sellable. Examples of repairs and changes include; the removal of clutter, repainting of walls, and carpet cleaning. Clean things like the oven and windows in and out. Thereafter fix things like doorknobs and light bulbs if not in place. Once you are done, get a code of compliance that certifies improvement you made in the house.

  1. Decide and choose your sale price

Deciding on the sale price is a decision you can make with ease. It depends on the fixtures and non-fixed assets you will leave behind in the house. So, it is necessary you decide with utmost care what fixtures and non-fixtures to leave. But it is normal for you to leave utensils like your stove, lighting fixtures as well as your dishwasher.

Establishing your price, when choosing Private House Sale Auckland – How To Get It Right!

You cannot sell your house without valuing it. So, value your house either via rateable or registered valuation. Although you can get a rateable valuation at no cost from the council authority, it has few drawbacks. Although registered valuation is at a cost, it is reliable and reflects the current market value of your house comparing apples with apples. The choice is yours to make between rateable and registered valuation. We recommend registered valuation when you seek a private house sell in Auckland.

Once the valuation is complete, decide on the sale price in comparison with the current market price. Before this, you should take a clear look at the market price of houses around your neighborhood.

  1. Decide and choose your method of sale

There are numerous options to use in selling your house privately. This includes but not limited to word-of-mouth, free or paid adverts on the internet. One of the easiest and fastest ways to sell your house privately is to set an asking price. In doing this, set a price quite higher than the price you want to sell. This will give room for negotiations between you and the potential buyers.

  1. Marketing your house

That you have decided to sell your house private means you will be in-charge to market it. This will entail using the many first-hand information you have about your house to convince the buyer. By doing this, you are to show potential buyers around the house. More so, it is important you explain the benefits of the house as well as its surrounding to buyers.

To successfully market your house, you need clear pictures of the property and its environment. You must have the inside view, side view, and all necessary photos. You are better off if you back up your description of the house with amazing pictures. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways that can land you a lucrative and acceptable deal. Private House Sale Auckland will be easier when the house is nicely presented.

At this point, you can list and the house on a good platform over the internet with pictures. More so, you could make fliers and handbills. Add a precise but a detailed description of the house on the post. More so, describe the environment where the house is located on your post. At this point, your aim should be to market the house as much as possible.

It is important for you to add your contact details to your post, handbills, and fliers. This will assist potential buyers to contact you.

  1. Seek and get legal help

Get legal help to ensure you are selling your house privately in the right way. Get a solicitor who will guide you through the private selling of your house. Such solicitor will provide relevant legal advice and prepare sale and purchase agreements. Your solicitor will be the line of communication between you and the solicitor of the buyer. Solicitors play major roles in helping you pay out your house loans. In fact, it is your solicitor that will handle the settlement and possession processes. So, it is necessary you seek legal help and advice when selling your house privately.

  1. Negotiate the sale and sell off the house

This is the last but important stage. At this point, you should have your sale and purchase agreement in place. Negotiate the right price that suits you with a buyer.

Once a price is agreed, both you and the buyer should sign the sale and purchase agreement. Details like the date of settlement, deposit, and non-fixed assets should be listed on this document. Thereafter, you can sell off the house once there is an agreement.

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