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Case Studies – Allyson Mair – Auckland.

Owning a home is an emotional experience, so the idea that you might have to sell it someday can be nerve wracking. Few people can buy and sell property in which they have made memories and lived in for long without feeling sad. no commission house sell, fast with no strangers and open homes is what Allyson wanted.

Coupled with the tough business of trying to get a buyer, selling your home can turn into a very long and exhausting process. New Zealander Allyson Mair had lived in her house for more than 37 years and the reality of having to sell the family home was very difficult to deal with.

Even with the looming possibility of selling it, She didn’t know where to start. While Thousands of homes are sold annually in New Zealand the process is still complicated unless you are an expert in the field. Allyson then turned to the internet to look for buyers and that is how she ended up meeting Hadar and the team. (This is a website also owned by Hadar and is associated with

Sourcing For Clients

From the start she was determined to find a simple yet straightforward way of disposing the house. It wasn’t lost to her that houses was in need of repair and can stay in the market for so long that their market value begins to drop significantly.

Turning to the internet was the easier way of accessing the list of potential buyers who are in the real estate market to look for the best deals. Much more importantly it was a way for Allyson Mair to reduce the number of dealers between her and the final buyer.

When Allyson Mair met Hadar it was an opportunity to bypass the marketing costs and the agent’s fees which is usually 4% of the cost of the home.

All this and much more is what drew Allyson to the team who made the process of selling the home to be stress free and less of a hassle. Hadar has always insisted on short and clear processes in which the buyer and seller can have as few and objective meetings as possible. This eliminates the wasting of time on both ends. It also puts the power to negotiate directly between the buyer and the seller. The submission of his offer was received and responded to within 24 hours after which an appointment was booked.

Quick Selling Process

By the end of the following day the acquisitions manager had visited the house and made their appraisals. The day after that they made their evaluation of the appraisals and by the end of the week they made an offer which Allyson found acceptable. Soon enough a contract was signed between Hadar and Allyson and the deposits made. This process is far too simple compared to the use of agents or other third parties to source for buyers.

What sweetened this deal was the ability to secure an acceptable offer and much more importantly to save on the $25,000 they would have had to pay to an agent. These professional House Buyers in Auckland have been in the business for more than a decade. They have seen the ups and the downs and what makes a property tick. So when Allyson chose to work with them he was accessing some of the most experienced and professional home buying team in the whole of New Zealand.

No commission house sell

Professionalism With Care So after 37 years of inhabiting the same home Allyson Mair and her family were able to secure a new deal in a matter of hours and to make a profitable sale within days. The real estate market is chokeful with partners and sellers who would do anything to sell you a home, after all they are not directly involved in either the buying or selling. Hadar and his team know well enough that they have to handle the home afterwards. That is why their appraisal is clear and objective and their communication is swift.

Get Good Deals.

I see many buyers in the New Zealand market who don’t know what they need and buyers who are frustrated with having to deal with many people along the way before they can make a sale.

Property Buyers Auckland have harnessed the power of the net and the dynamism of the real estate market to raise the standards in home buying. They deal with you directly and give you a clear breakdown of what it will take to sell your home and the appraisal.

Besides the emotional turmoil of selling the home for which they have raised generations Property Buyers Auckland made it a walk in the park. I feel that Hadar and his team are the future of real estate trading in New Zealand.

It cannot be overemphasise how saving the $25000 or 4% helps sellers to reinvest that money into other family needs. Property Buyers New Zealand will always be the first stop for anyone who wants to sell their home in the future.

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