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How to Get Quality House Buyers in Hamilton

Unlike Auckland that has seen a dip in property prices in the last few months, Hamilton enjoys a slight growth. Even still, a high number of listings, increasingly tight lending standards, and low affordability means house buyers in Hamilton have a great deal of choice. Hamilton houses for sale are in demand, So, where does that leave you as a seller?

Hamilton Houses For Sale Reaching The Peak

With the average house price in Hamilton NZ real estate market staggering at $580,285, it’s indeed a good time to sell given that property values are poised to decline. In fact, you should be prepared to realign your expectation as far as a successful sale is concerned.

Here at We Buy Property Hamilton branch, we are always thrilled to work with sellers to get houses off their hands at competitive prices. That’s why we have put together this handy guide to attracting quality house buyers in Hamilton.

Seller’s Guide: How to Acquire Quality House Buyers in Hamilton, New Zealand

Know your Typical Buyer

Not all property buyers in Hamilton are created equal. Some are after luxury homes worth $1 million and above, while others are gunning for affordable houses. As a smart seller, you want to know the ins and outs of Hamilton, NZ real estate, especially the buyers.

If your house is situated in affluent neighbourhoods like St. Andrews and Rototuna, you might want to zoom down to only buyers who are looking for expensive homes. The same goes for houses in affordable areas. The bottomline is that getting to know your typical buyer will help you target to marketing strategies and not waste time on certain buyers.

Hamilton houses for sale in expensive neighborhoods are expected to fall in value by slightly close to 2%, while the drop in the affordable areas is expected to be around 0.4%. What that means is that you’ll have to put in more effort and be willing to negotiate more if you’re targeting rich house buyers in Hamilton.

Rototuna, Flagstaff, City centre, Pukete, Hamilton east, Hillcrest all good suburbs. Most of Hamilton is good apart from some streets as it’s a street by street town.

What Can You Expect from Hamilton NZ Real Estate?

Hamilton has been experiencing an uptick in house values in the past few years. That in and of itself isn’t surprising because the rest of the country has witnessed this rise. In fact, the national house prices reached their record highs in 2018, with November average price standing at a whopping $575,000.

However, according to market pundits like Slade Robertson, the managing executive at Devon Funds, Hamilton NZ real estate, like most housing markets in New Zealand, is due for a dip. So, the bigger question is: will this fall be a market correction or a crash?

Either way, this is a surefire sign to all sellers that the best time to sell was yesterday. But the next best time to sell is right now!

Take Care of The Exteriors of you House

Curb appeal is the number one selling point in real estate. Whether you are in New York, London or right here in Hamilton, it pays to stay on top of your home’s exteriors. Sprucing the curb appeal means taking care of landscaping, paintwork, driveway, and other parts that the buyer will see as soon they pull up to your home.

To make a great first impression, trim any bushes, ensure the lawn is well mowed, re-paint the front door, retouch front porch furniture, plant fresh flowers/plants, etc. House buyers in Hamilton should find your house breathtaking before they walk through the door.

List, List, List

Your home should be on top of every Hamilton NZ real estate listing and directory. Consider hiring a pro photographer to take stunning pictures of your house for the listings. If your listing copy and images are spot-on, you’ll soon get offers from buyers rolling in. The more buyers interested in your home, the more likely that you will sell it for top dollar.

It’s All About the Price

Hamilton house buyers know that the market is in their favour. That’s why you need to price your home right. Don’t overprice it, and neither should you underprice it too much.

Start by doing thorough market research. Make sure to see what similar houses in Hamilton, New Zealand real estate market are selling for. The trick is to undercut the average market selling price by a few hundreds of dollars. After all, you don’t want yours to be seen as of lower value than other Hamilton houses for sale.

Organize Open Houses

Open house events are great for selling any house. You want to put your best foot forward before letting buyers into your for-sale house in Hamilton. Accentuate your home’s best features. If the kitchen is its best-selling point, make sure that something savory and taste-bud-tingling is cooking in the oven.

The idea behind every house open is to make the buyer feel at home already. If the potential client falls in love with the home, you’ll have no trouble getting a good price. Don’t forget to get rid of any clutter and mess that might paint your house in a bad light.

Sell it to Private House Buyers in Hamilton

Selling a home especially through an agent can become complicated and sometimes daunting. But, why trouble yourself going through one buyer after another when you can sell your house directly to a private investment company?

At We Buy Property Hamilton branch, we promise to make home-selling an easy and hassle-free process for you. We purchase your home for top dollar, all in cash! The good news is that a private house sale means that you don’t have to hire a real estate agent. You will pocket every penny of the price that you sell your house to us. Feel free to contact us if you have Hamilton houses for sale.

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