Selling Your Earthquake Damaged House

What To Consider Before Selling Your Earthquake Damaged House:

Whether your house was damaged by the Christchurch earthquake, or simply worn or old or you have a rental property, it is advisable to sell it as-is instead of paying to repair it. Damaged homes tend to be expensive as far as repairing them is concerned. Old homes on the other hand become outdated and worn over time while rental property are often destroyed or abused by tenants. In all these cases, you as the property owner will find it difficult to completely restore the house as it was before. The process of repairing in itself is costly and time consuming. Therefore, instead of going through all these, it is a good idea to sell the house to Christchurch house buyers who buy houses as-is-where is. The following are factors to consider when selling uninsured damaged house:

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Price Your Home Sell

Although your home was damaged by the Christchurch Earthquake, it does not mean that you cannot put a price tag on it. It is very important to at least have a price for your property. This will give you a bargaining ground when the buyer comes to buy the house. It is important to remember that it is you who knows the price of your house not the buyer and it is you who decides whether to sell the house or not. Therefore, before selling-you- earthquake-damaged-home, ensure that you at least have a rough figure or price that you intend to sell the house for.

Know Your Selling Points

As much as the house or home might be destroyed, there are certain selling points that cannot go unnoticed. For instance your home might be having a water fountain outside, a good lawn or backyard, a nice fence that were not destroyed by the earthquake. Certain parts of the house might still be in good condition for instance countertops, oversized window panes, high quality doors and even some appliances. All these are your selling points and you should factor them when making an offer for the house. These special features may increase the value of your home even if it was destroyed by the Christchurch earthquake.

Show Your House

Before We Buy Damaged Houses makes an offer in buying your house, you must allow them to visit and see your house. The team will ask you to provide more information like Scope Of Work, Repairs, Claims and Insurance details. The team of professionals must visit the house and carry out an independent evaluation of the property. Therefore, your presence during this process is very important. However, if you cannot be available when they come to visit, you need to have someone help you in guiding them through the house. If you have security systems and locks in place you will need to provide keys and lock combinations to allow the professionals asses the house.

Perform Your Own Negotiations

Usually, real estate negotiations and agreements take the form of contract signing. It involves the buyer seeing the house and once he or she is pleased he makes an offer and then an agreement is reached. However, it is important that you also make a counter offer. This shows that you know the value of your property. It is here that thorough research is needed. You need to do your own research and see what other buyers are paying for damaged houses. Do not just sell your house without negotiating even if it was destroyed by the earthquake. Negotiate with the buyer until you come to an agreement. After agreeing and carefully reading the contract, you can now sign the contract.

Comply With All Laws in Your Area

When selling a property whether damaged or not, there are laws and procedures to be followed. Do a thorough research to find out the different laws that govern the selling or buying of damaged houses in your area. Some laws prohibit the sale of damaged houses at a certain level while others gives the owner all the right to sell his or her property no matter the level of damage to the property. Therefore, in order to ensure that you are selling the house according to the law, just check and make sure you are doing it as expected by the law.

Get an Alternative Place

Before selling your damaged house, ensure that you get an alternative place for you and your family to stay. In most cases, a buyer will officially take control of your property once the final payment is made. This will be a disadvantage to you especially if you did not have an alternative place to stay. The buyer might force you out of the house so that to start repairing the house. Therefore, ensure that you get another place for you to live as you wait for the buyer to make the final payments.

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