June 2021

Auckland Housing Market News Reports National Median Price of $805K

person By Hadar alarm 6th Jun, 2021
Auckland housing market news

In 2021, the annual increase in asking price reached 16% by March. The Auckland housing market news was quite iterative of the impressive sale numbers- in spite of a drop in supply by 9%, and a demand increase by 26%, in March. Wellington leads the pack with its highest year-on-year growth, clocking 20% above the average asking price prevalent thi...

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3 Tips for Skillfully Selling Property in Bad Condition

person By Hadar alarm 5th Jun, 2021
Selling Property in Bad Condition

In any market, it is difficult to offload a commodity that is in bad shape. That applies even more to real estate deals. Generally, when we mention ‘property’ and ‘bad condition’, we can consider multiple shortcomings with the asset by a thumb rule, which makes it further difficult to offload properties in bad condition. Therefore, for sell...

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