September 2021

Bet on these Auckland Housing Market Suburbs with Highest Growth since 2000

person By Hadar alarm 13th Sep, 2021
Auckland Housing Market

Auckland has seen a jump from 1 million to 1.6 million in population, in the last two decades. Demand for Auckland property allowed the city to attracted both local buyers and investors as well as foreign ones. But, the population explosion only served to increase demand and competition for availing quality suburban property in the city. The Auckla...

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COVID 19 lockdown prompts surge in Christchurch housing market

person By Hadar alarm 1st Sep, 2021

The Covid lockdown has been instrumental in jumpstarting the buzz around the Christchurch housing market. Almost every notable realty agency in the city vouches for reinvigorated interest in property listings. The 2021 Level 4 lockdown has trumped the 2020 Level 4 lockdown as per sources from the Real Estate Institute. The market reflected the fait...

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