To Repair or to Sell it as-is? 

  • By Hadar 21st Dec, 2020
    To Repair or to Sell it as-is? 

    It is common for house owners to ponder whether it is more cost-effective to list their property for sale, ‘as is,’ or repair their house. Most house owners may think upfront that a presentable house requires repairs and renovation. So, the problem that must be resolved is whether it is meaningful to cover the distance and fix the house to restore its full value or sell it ‘as is.’ Let’s discuss.

    Should you sell a house ‘as-is’?

    The most definite reason to sell a house ‘as is’ is if it requires too much effort, time, and investment in repairs from you, as the house owner. Let’s say a house needs necessary repairs in its flooring, plumbing, electrical system, etc., that may require a massive amount of planning, coordination, and management, besides financial resources. Attempting to repair such an asset can become a mind-boggling exercise, draining out your energy. In such an instance, one should sell the house ‘as is.’ Putting up a price tag fair enough is likely to attract even multiple interested parties to such residential property. But the buyers are most likely to be real estate experts, including flippers and contractors.


    What do potential buyers prefer?

    A critical parameter that one must consider when selling a house is the buyer’s demand. Flippers are seldom interested in conducting heavy repairs. They usually look to profit by purchasing a house at a low cost, taking care of the trivial repairs, and face-lifting themselves. If the cost of repairs (non-structural) is too great for you, you can sell the house ‘as is’ at a discounted price. Most ‘fixer’ buyers do not usually like bothering with any amount of repair, however. So, if the repairs are cosmetic enough that a small investment can return the house’s full price, then it is more prudent for you to complete the repairs and sell at full price.

    What does the buyer want?

    To answer this pertinent question, one must study the market. It is prudent to research the condition of house assets in the same range on the market. Many house owners labor to renovate their house in arbitrary ways that do not escalate the house value. Not all repairs yield a value hike. So, an inspection of what is amiss in your property that is there in competing houses is necessary. The fixer-upper will take a house that requires minor repairs by their standards off your hands for a discounted value, while a fixed-up house-buyer wants a house with basic amenities intact.


    Starting with cosmetic repairs for a seller’s market

    What house owners must take into consideration before repairs are whether it will offer a good ROI. It is essential to consider the property’s supposed market value before conducting repairs. Repairs essentials like the appliances, plumbing, HVAC system, paint, furnishings, etc. Consult an agent for the repairs that can hike your property value, regardless of whether you are selling ‘as is’ or ‘fixed-up’. The path which leads to a better ROI for you is recommended.

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